Breaking Translation Technology News!


The Common Senseless Advisory has released a statement today
advising translators who work in bi-directional language
pairs and use public domain email to switch to handwritten translation methods and
replace Google and Microsoft machine translation tools because
it was discovered that their resources may be tainted from training data input from L2
language learners at the secondary and post-secondary levels in the United States.

Furthermore, in a meeting of the most well-known
of this group of translators, it was also determined that their
operations in a libel campaign have largely been ineffective.
Let’s hope that this may be the beginning of the end for this group of fraudulent
Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


ATA Chapters: The Podcast


Podcasting is a great way to offer varied content on your website and social media accounts. Aside from photos, audio/visual content is nice because it either gives the eyes a rest or gives one’s audience something to look at besides text for fifteen minutes to an hour. Moreover, the podcast adds another layer of production effort. Aside from preparing content, speakers have to present the content as well, and then it needs to be edited together to form a coherent conversation. A well-produced podcast can really add to the perceived value of membership. Continue Reading »


ATA Chapters: Social Media


Social Media is a topic that a lot of individual translators have presented on for the past few years. They’ll talk about post frequency, hashtags, different sites, and exploiting social media for marketing. They have all been great, but I want to focus on ways ATA Chapters can exploit social media to gain followers and members.

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ATA Chapters: The Blog

The Blob

After taking into consideration all of the aesthetic aspects of the website, the next thing to tend to is the blog. A regularly updated, thoroughly tagged and categorized blog (if the site allows for it) is the main source of up-to-date content on your website. It, aside from social media updates from a plug-in, should be the most frequently changing page of content. However, there are still a few things you need to take into consideration when laying out the concept and envisioning the direction of the blog content.

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ATA Chapters: The Website

The website. Creating a website can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. It can be as simple as a modified wordpress blog website and as complex as a professionally created site that is specifically designed to manage the affairs of an organization with members. Need I reiterate from the post setting up this series that no website in 2016 should look like this? The good news is that you don’t need to know html in order to create a great looking website for your organization, and once the website is created, the main task that remains is keeping it updated. You know how I keep talking about presenting an active, vibrant appearance to potential new members? This is the first place where this is really going to show. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to join an organization whose material on their website is over a year old? So let’s discuss the different options and mindsets that should be taken into account when designing or revamping a website.

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ATA Chapters: Recruiting New Members

The second topic in this blog series is the hardest to discuss. It’s the one that quite honestly, no one wants to do and there are no easy ways of going about it. Still, there are a few different approaches to how you can go about recruiting new members. The main methods are school outreach, social events, and conference presence. Continue Reading »


Attracting New Members to ATA

At last year’s ATA Conference in Miami, the recurring topic that was brought up was that of membership. How do we increase our numbers, how do we maintain the numbers we have, and how do we increase the number of active (voting) members? Clearly this is a subject of discussion for any organization, and crucial for any organization’s continued success, but I wonder if this is something the national association should be tasking itself with at all. Continue Reading »

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