Passwords, Data encryption, and the underutilized file format

Passwords, Data encryption, and the underutilized file format

“it would take a regular off the shelf computer with the cracking software about 22 hours to crack an 8 character password”

On “Lying Through Their Teeth: Identifying Translation Scams”

Originally posted on the MATI blog A special thanks to Alaina Brantner who summarized my presentation. My slides can be found on SlideShare By Joseph Wojowski, MATI Vice President with adaptions by Alaina Brantner, MATI Director At MATI’s 12th Annual Conference, I spoke about translator scammers during my presentation, “Lying Through Their Teeth: Identifying Translation […]

Preparing for a conference, sorry for the blackout

Hello! Sorry for not having posted anything in a while, I’ve been busy at work and preparing for the 12th Annual Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters Conference going on on Saturday in Merrillville, IN. I’ll be presenting on translation scammers and giving closing remarks. If any of you are interested in what I will […]

Second half of 2015

A lot has transpired over the summer and the second half of the year will be a lot busier than the first half.

MemoQ 2015 – At first glance

Hello there, everyone! My apologies for not having written in a while. I have been busy in the office and side projects and that did not leave me with much time to attend to this blog. MemoQFest 2015 was this past week and it was accompanied by the release of MemoQ 2015. I plan on […]