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Using the internet for Freelancers

In response to the popularity of the ATA Chapters series, I have been encouraged to write a similar series for freelance translators. So, let me start off in a similar fashion by establishing a reason for this series.

Ever since I took up my role as a moderator for the ATA Language Technology Division Listserv, and now that my Translation Technology blog has become more respected and more frequently visited, I have been asked on a number of occasions to critique freelancers’ webpages and social media profiles. In my honest opinion, this is always a good idea. Not necessarily asking me to review your website and social media profiles, but having someone else look at them. This is especially true if there is someone you trust who is on the contracting side of the industry, who looks at CVs, websites, and social media profiles on a daily basis.

As translators, many of us see our web presence as a means to an end. IF we want to gain new, regular customers in order for our businesses to succeed in the 21st century, THEN we must have an online presence. That mindset; however, logically leads to lackluster profiles and unattractive websites that make us look dated and out of touch with the state of technology. With a fresh approach that puts emphasis on advertising and the understanding that this is your first impression to many potential clients, revamping or creating your individual website and social media profiles will put your best foot forward when a company is looking for new providers, and remember, without a good first impression, you will not be contacted by language companies; after credentials, it’s almost completely superficial – if two providers have similar education and experience levels, one of the next qualifying criteria is aesthetics.

So, this upcoming web series will address ways you can revamp your online presence by discussing ways to improve your:

  • Profile in the ATA and Chapter Directories
  • Translators cafe and Proz profiles
  • Blog
  • Twitter & Social Media
  • Website
  • Curriculum vitae & Business Cards

The ideas I convey in the following six blog posts will not be the end-all be-all of how a translator or interpreter can use the internet to his or her advantage, but they will give useful pointers for how to give your personal business a fresh appearance online.

Please stay tuned for this new series on Joseph Wojowski’s Translation Technology Blog!

Featured image by Joanna Kosinska

One comment on “Using the internet for Freelancers

  1. As a part-time freelancer, I can’t wait for these tips on how I can improve my marketing!


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