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MemoQ 2015 – At first glance

Hello there, everyone! My apologies for not having written in a while. I have been busy in the office and side projects and that did not leave me with much time to attend to this blog. MemoQFest 2015 was this past week and it was accompanied by the release of MemoQ 2015. I plan on doing a more extensive write up of its new features and everything after I do my initial testing this weekend. But just as a quick teaser, I would like to post about my first impressions of the new interface.
First, there is the new home screen. The home screen for 2014 R2 was not one of my favorites. Frequent Tasks only listed New project from template and it did not change it if you were more likely set up new projects without templates. In this new home screen, you have five different ways to start translating. 1. You can drag and drop files to the big friendly white space on the left. 2. You can check out a project from MQ Server. 3. You can Translate (import) a package (.mqout, .pxf, .ppf, .sdlppx, .tipp, .xlz, and .wsxz). 4. Create a new project without a template. And 5. Create a new project from a template. And it is all presented to you right there on the home screen!
The second and last thing I would like to highlight in this at-a-glance view of MemoQ 2015 is something that was a long-standing joke from Kilgray. The “Do not press this button” button was my most loved whimsical functionality from when I first started testing MemoQ. It was a reference to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the translation experience. In MemoQ 2014 R2, Kilgray did not include the “Do not press this button” button and I was heartbroken (almost wrote an obituary blog post for it). The Zen was still there which, arguably, plays a greater role in what translators need while translating, but my nerd button was missing. Well, after a five month hiatus, the “Do not press this button” button is back! You have to click on MemoQ > Options, but there it is, like a friend who has come back from an extended trip around the world.
So that, my friends, is this MemoQ 2015 teaser. I will be posting later with my thoughts after my testing weekend.

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